Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Too Much Hummus

Not enough pita bread. That was the problem with the hummus and pita bread that I got from The Hummus Place this afternoon. The hummus was really good and it came with these little pickles that I liked, but by the time I was about two thirds done with my hummus I was out of pita. I've had this problem before when I purchased hummus and pita from the same establishment. I was very careful this time to be conservative in my use of the pita so as to stretch it out as much as possible. Seemingly I either had more hummus than previously or I wasn't being as conservative in my pita use as I thought. I ran out of pita at the exact same place as before. In addition to the pickles I mentioned earlier there was also a chunk of onion as a side item. I tried dipping pieces of onion into the hummus once I was out of pita, but that proved to be not so good. I tried eating a bite or two of just the hummus with the provided fork. That also was not so good, mostly for texture reasons. Next time I guess I'll order an extra pita, though I hesitate to because it costs more.

Hummus: A
Pita: B+
Hummus to Pita Ratio: D
Overall Experience: B-


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