Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I Can't Say No to French Fries

Every time I go to someplace that has french fries as a side item on offer I just can't say no! Even if I know they're going to be crappy or make me feel bad I can't say no. Even if I'm getting something like a grilled cheese sandwich, which already has plenty of grease I can't say no. The other day I went to this place in my neighborhood called Jack's. I ordered up a fresh mozzarella sandwich with sun dried tomatoes and pesto. I ordered this because I wanted to get something sort of healthful, but when the waiter asked if I wanted a salad or fires with that, do you know what I said? "Fries, please," is what I said. I just pictured the fries and pictured the salad and I had to get the fries. Maybe I do it because at restaurants there's usually ketchup bottles sitting on the tables in plain sight. Maybe I see the ketchup and remember how much I like ketchup and then remember that I can only use the ketchup if I order french fries. Another factor is that I usually don't like salads unless they're made out of things that look like weeds and have things like goat cheese, fennel, capers and in them. I have to admit that I also like salad bars, but that's only because I can make an all topping salad, which I love. Anyway, I'd like to think that next time I'm faced with the salad or fries decision I'll order the salad, but I'm pretty sure that I'll go with the fries.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

a conundrum we all face my dear friend.

9:40 PM  
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