Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Last Two Weeks of September

As you may have noticed my updating of this blog could be described as sporadic at best. Please don't be alarmed. I have, despite not posting since September 16th, eaten things between then and now.

In this post I'll round up some of the best things I ate during the second half of September.

Vegetable Platter From Five Spot
Five Spot is an amazing soul food restaurant in Fort Green, Brooklyn. If I ate meat I'm sure I would love it even more, but as is I still find it delicious and dependable. The last time I ordered from there I got a vegetable platter with macaroni and cheese, candied yams, and potato salad. I don't even like candied yams, but these turned me around a bit. There were sweet, but not too sweet. They had just the right hint of spices. I found myself wondering if I was wrong about yams all this time. Next up was the potato salad. Simply put, it was the best potato salad I've ever had. No words can capture how much I liked it. Next, the macaroni and cheese was good, but not great. I like that it was baked and had crispy edges, but I would have liked it to be a little heavier on the cheese. Lastly, the platter came with a great piece of cornbread. I should also mention that the portions are absurdly huge. I dare anyone to order this vegetable plate and eat it all.
Candied Yams If You Don't Like Candied Yams: B
Candied Yams If You Liked Candied Yams: A+
Potato Salad: A+
Macaroni and Cheddar: B-
Cornbread: A
Portions: A+
Overall Experience: A

Crostini This Other Former Girlfriend of Mine Ate
Diner is a restarant housed in an old dining car in South Williamsburg. It serves a creative mix of upscale comfort food. I went there recently with another former girlfriend of mine (not the one who I went to Junior's with). I actually don't remember what I got, but what she got looked delicious. It was their crostini of the day and it involved chalky goat cheese, fresh peaches, basil, and vinegar. Judging by her reaction it tasted almost, but not quite, as good as it looked. I have not idea why I didn't ask to try it. Maybe I was so mesmerized by how good it looked that I forgot. Anyway, I regret it now and think about it quite often.
The Looks of the Crostini of the Day: A+
Former Girlfriends Opinion of Taste of Crostini of the Day (estimated): A-
My Projected Opinion of Taste of Crostini of the Day: A
Not Asking to Try It: F
Overall Experience: Incomplete

Corn Nuts
Somehow, probably because my parents shopped at a health food co-op, I had never heard of of Corn Nuts prior to 4th grade. Sometime in the fall of that school year our teacher had once again left her class to our own devices. She left all the time because she was having a rough breakup with her boyfriend and would go down the hall to use to the phone to talk to him. She would often be really upset after talking to him and would vanish for entire class periods. As a result a number of students would simply leave. Others, including myself, took to playing poker in the corner of the room. Not for real stakes you understand, but just for fun. It was on one of these days, after we had exhausted ourselves with innumerable hands, that I noticed one kid had a bag of ranch flavored Corn Nuts. He was crunching very loudly on them when I scooted over to him and asked him what he was eating. He showed me the bag and offered me one. I took him up on the offer and tried one. I wasn't sure what to make of it so I asked him for another. He obliged and I ate a second kernel of the toasted corn. I thanked him and scooted back to my spot, still wondering what I thought of this snack. After some reflection I decided that it was too crunchy. It hurt my teeth a little and it felt somewhat like I was actually eating teeth. I suppose I've had a few Corn Nuts here and there since then, but not too many. A couple days ago I thought about them for and decided to walk over to the CVS located near my work and purchase some. The only choice on offer was Original flavor, which suited me as I like to keep my snacks simple more often than not. I took them up the counter, handed over my 99 cents, and exited the store. I looked at the back of the package and noticed there were only three ingredients: Corn, corn oil, and salt. I liked that. I hate it when there's 15 ingredients in something that should be really simple. Anyway, I opened up my bag of Corn Nuts and sampled them. They were pretty good -- And not too crunchy at all. I ate about 2/3 of my 4oz bag and thoroughly enjoyed myself throughout. I saved the remainder of the bag and look forward to eating the rest in the near future.
Ranch Corn Nuts From 4th Grade: D
2/3 Bag of Original Corn Nuts From a Couple Days Ago: A-