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Chex Mix Brand Snack: Bold Party Blend

I just purchased a 6oz package of Chex Mix Brand Snack in the Bold Party Blend flavor. I only purchased this flavor because the CVS where this item was purchased did not offer the Peanut Lovers' variety. In fact, almost no place offers the Peanut Lovers' variety. I don't understand. This is the best kind of Chex Mix! There are many peanut lovers in the world, myself included, who would jump at the chance to purchase something with so many peanuts in it. Anyway, they didn't have it, and so I bought Bold Party Blend instead. I opened it up a few minutes ago and it's okay, but I don't see what's so bold about it. It tastes pretty much like regular Chex Mix to me. I was expecting it to be spicy or something. The only difference I can detect is that there are "snack crackers" included in this version. If anything, I think this makes the mix less bold because these crackers are sort of like Mini Ritz, only they have a weird stale texture. I guess another difference is that this flavor tastes saltier and monosodium glutamatier than regular Chex Mix, but that seems totally unnecessary and does not add to the boldness. Finally, the name of this flavor suggests that it would be good to have at a party. I don't understand what's more party appropriate about Bold Party Blend than any other type of Chex mix. To make a long story short, I just don't see the point of having this flavor.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what? no grade?

2:30 AM  
Anonymous Brendan said...

I give the post a B+. I give the absence of a grade a D-. I give the post an overall grade of a C.

12:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, where the heck did the Peanut Lover's Chex Mix go? I can't find it anywhere...

11:53 PM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

Before I decided to try and cool it with the pre-packaged hyperprocessed foodstuffs, Bold Party Blend Chex Mix was probably my favorite thing in the world, as far as "snacking till your stomach hurts" goes. On work days, I would get a 3.5-serving bag around 10:30am (gross, I know)at the Kwik-E-Mart downstairs, and on a good day, I'd only eat a little over half the bag. But that's kind of a lot, especially when it's so msg-saturated. so i'd feel pretty sick after that; sometimes i'd have to delay my lunch break for hours till i stopped feeling like i was going to puke up a bullion or something.
Anyway, I felt like i had to stand up for my beliefs, as much as i think this blog is fantastic and hilarious (even if there was a recent gap in my loyal readership). I have to disagree, about the question of boldness. Bold Party Blend Chex Mix IS bolder than regular, original chex mix. I too have stepped back to reflect on the same question. But my conclusion is that yes, the Bold is bolder. It's a bit more of a flavor-fest, if you will. Granted, the source of this "flavor" is rather questionable, but i taste the flavor, i see the flavor too. Where's the powdery flavor coating on teh original Chex Mix...Huh? Minimal. It’s faith-based, really. You tell yourself there’s flavor but sometimes you’re like, “Is there? I don’t really taste anything.” But you go along with it b/c it says ‘seasoned’ on the bag. With the bold there is no question. You know what you’re working with.
I have described some of my personal hardships related to eating Bold Party Blend Chex Mix (these alone were largely responsible for the aforementioned dietary resolution). The point is, I suspect that many people feel similarly uncomfortable after eating the Bold, and if they're anything like me, they are a)more likely to overeat when eating the Bold (b/c there is so much flavor—it’s delicious in the same way McDonald’s superfake vanilla soft serve ice cream was delicious-I don’t know what it’s like these days b/c im lactose intolerant now of course, but I’m talking early 90’s--I knew it was fake, and I thought it was fabulous), and b)more likely to feel sick and gross after eating the Bold, as compared to the Original. So don't you see? It's a Bold move, because you're so likely to feel like shit, and b/c even with this knowledge, it takes a tremendous amount of self-control to not go nuts and eat the whole bag. I wouldn’t just buy a bag of Bold Party Blend, I’d buy a day’s supply of stomach upset. It was pretty much a guarantee.

“Hi, my name is Sarah Hellman and I am a recovering Bold Party Blend Chex Mix addict. It’s been about 4 months since I’ve has so much as a “snack cracker.” I don’t even tempt myself anymore with the Original variety. I just have stayed away from this ‘food’ completely.” I think I’ve lost about 5 pounds from this single lifestyle modification. (that’s true).

So, you don’t think this shit is bold? Well, I think it’s totally bad-ass, and I have realized that I’m not strong enough to handle its power. Clearly your biological make-up is such that you are much more resistant to it’s appeal and therefore fail to recognize the boldness.

The BS “party” implication, though? You’re probably right about that. You know what? Just call me when you want to talk about all this.

3:55 PM  
Anonymous Bunny said...

Sarah, I have to admit that I, too, am a recovering Chex Mix addict. But my addiction was Peanut Lovers' Chex Mix. I just love the flavor coating on the actual chex pieces. Thing is, I didn't care for the pretzels or the "twigs," as my hubby calls them.

So I'd eat all the chex pieces and peanuts and leave a container full of the pretzels and sticks for hubby to finish. We both like pretzels, but neither of us likes those particular ones. And, honestly, who really wants those little cracker sticks in any mix. Nothing but bland filler. Pffft.

I take a medication that makes me sorta nauseous, and for some reason those little chex pieces were about the only thing I could eat some days -- and I'd go through a bag (of the chex pieces only) every day at times. Got to be pretty expensive, so I went cold turkey. Wasn't pretty, but I survived...barely.

I did find some lesser replacements (thin, salty, crispy things) that I wouldn't be so wasteful with, but I sure miss my PL Chex pieces! I soooo love the coating on the actual cereal pieces. Mmmmm mmmmm!

Okay, I admit that I still relapse and buy a bag occasionally when the grocery runs them BOGO. I'd give anything (or at least my mother-in-law's right arm....and mouth) to find a seasoning recipe to make my own mix -- just the chex pieces and the seasoning.

I gotta agree with Aaron about the Bold flavor (sorry, Sarah) -- I was expecting something different, too, and felt the flavor was very odd in an unpleasant way. Don't like that one at all. Nevertheless, I feel your pain, sister. Withdrawals are no fun!

3:13 PM  
Blogger David Martenson said...

My favorite favorite favorite can get on amazon by the box. Some Walmart stores and some Kroger/qfc's. But what happened to the original ones that also had honey roasted peanuts. Come on Betty crocker get it together

2:23 AM  
Blogger David Martenson said...

My favorite favorite favorite can get on amazon by the box. Some Walmart stores and some Kroger/qfc's. But what happened to the original ones that also had honey roasted peanuts. Come on Betty crocker get it together

2:24 AM  

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