Friday, September 01, 2006

Utz Bar-B-Q Flavored Potato Chips

The other day I purchased a 25-cent bag of Utz brand Bar-B-Q flavored potato chips. At the time I purchased them I had recently eaten another very salty snack, but I purchased them anyway because they caught my eye when I was at the counter of my local corner store. I got the chips home and cracked them open. After about ten chips, which I only moderately enjoyed, I started to feel like I never wanted to taste salt again. I was then faced with a problem. On the one hand I still had about ten more perfectly good chips remaining in the bag (as well as a few smaller pieces and crumbs), but on the other hand it seemed absurd to save half of a 25-cent bag of mediocre chips. In the end I decided to save them for later. They are still in my cupboard right now, unless someone else ate them. Maybe tonight I’ll be hungry for a very light snack and I will be glad I didn’t discard the remaining chips.

The 10 Chips I Ate a Couple Nights Ago: C+
Too Many Salty Snacks: D
Projected Grade for Remaining Chips: C-


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